Pride (from collection “Seven Deadly Sins”)

If you can manage the pride when you succeed, then you can deal with despair when you lose.


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Salt Works, Bonaire

Photograph by William Goodwin

When evaporation pans at solar salt operations reach a certain level of salinity, halophilic archaebacteria, one of the oldest life-forms on Earth, proliferate, turning the brine pink. Here in these stark environs, pink, white, sky blue, and silence set the mood. Cargill Salt Works, south end of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.

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Y’all believe it now?

You’re fucking kidding me right?

People are suffering to Ebola and America had a way to potentially cure it


Does saving lives not mean anything to anyone anymore?

I fucking cant

Who’s really surprised? AMERICA isn’t shit & never will be.

They said it costing too much was part of the issue but I haven’t seen the government have any issue with the billions of dollars they constantly give Israel to do any mother fucking thing they please.

Seriously?! the US ain’t shit

Didn’t they give it to a Spanish patient today

Wtf America

It’s fucking true. They said no to Nigeria. But then ship it right the fuck out to Spain for one patient.

It is so hard to love a country that does not value you/people who look like you.


  1. I never raped Erin. 
  • Never had sexual intercourse. I remember after a lot of crying over our recently broken up significant others, we did stuff even I wasn’t ready for. (don’t ask. I’m just clearing my name.) 
  • We were young and I was gross. I get her being regretful but it isn’t a case of rape or anything unwanted.  
  1. I never raped Alyssa. 
  1. Never sexually harassed Milo (previously, Hannah) .
  • He was trying to court a friend I liked. Obviously targeting me is more important to her, than my humanity. 

If you have any questions please, feel free to speak with any of them, but don’t cut me out of your lives without talking to me.  I have a right to defend myself. I am not a rapist. 


aa-vv: Bob Zoell, Wilshire/Vermont Metro Station, 2005